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Web Design / Website Development

Don't have a website? Have a website that doesn't work correctly or unique requirements that others said that couldn't be achieved online? If you answers yes to any of these question contact us. We will glady review your ideas and requirements and work with you to develop a completely custom website designed and developed specifically to your requirements.

Mobile / Desktop App Development

Mobile internet user is continuing to skyrocket, and if your website isn't specifically developed/optimized for these devices may be costing potential clients! At Capstone Labs, we can work to convert your current site or development a complete new website / mobile app specially to ensure all user no matter internet device can user your site!

Update and Maintenance

To users and search engines, new and unique content is the most important factor for usage a website! As such, to ensure your site continues to attract new and recurring users it needs to be continually updated/added to with new content. However, we recognize that few businesses have the time and/or resources to dedicate an in-house person to such task and this is where we can assist. We have a complete staff ready and willing to work with you team to generate new content and ensure your site is continually updated and maintained.


For users, after having unique content on your site the issue of being able to access and performance (speed) of the site two most important factors for continued usage. While it might be common sense but, if a user can't access the site or it takes forever to load they are going to go somewhere else for content. In fact, many web studies have been performed on site delays and basically all come to similar conclusions that users are impatient and basically for every second after 3 seconds that a site is not ready there is potentally a 25% drop in further user activity.

Accessibility Evaluation/Updates

While it isn't throught of generally a web site like everything these days be it business should be accessibile for all users includes those that are elderly and/or have a disability. If it isn't enough to ensure that everyone can access your site, depending on your business and/or industry, it maybe a governement regulation and/or requirement that your site be accessibile. But, regardless if you have to be accessible or not there are many benefits to following accessibility best practices which include; fulfillment of any regulations requirements, increased potential for business as more users will have access to your content, longer user rentention (from Google studies), and best of all usually much better overall search rankings (from Google studies).

IT Consulting and Support

Have internet questions, ideas, dns question, networking or just a computer question but don't have the in-house expertise to handle them? Contact our team, we have experts on hand with years of internet, network and computing experience that will gladly review your issues with you. If we can't directly answer the question for you we will glady refer you to one of the vast array of technology resources and partners that will be able to assist you.

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